National Lottery

elGordo 2023
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National Lottery
Thursday Draw


Sunday 5/54+1

Spanish 6/49

Daily 6/49

Requisites to Play
Prizes Payment
  • How and when do I cash my prizes?
  • When you register and play for the first time we open you an account in After every draw you play and win the prizes money will be added inmeatly to this account. From here you can take out the amount you wish, just appliying for it from your client intranet.
  • Are prizes taxes free?
  • Yes, for prizes under 40.000 euros. Bigger prizes have a unique tax of 20 % over the total value (there is no payment in advance, this tax is automatically deducted from the prize).
  • Can I play with my prizes?
  • Yes, this money is in your client account. When you want to play with your prizes, in the home page, there is a login zone. Insert your data and click with the mouse in Play with prizes. You will see in the shopping cart that the amount of the order is discounted from your balance.
  • Is there any commission or fee over the prizes?
  • NO, NEVER. And if someone contact you telling you have won a prize and ask you for money is false. Read the information about scams.
Sending Process
  • When will I receive my order at home?
  • The tickets are deposited in a bank until after the draw. If any prize the money is placed in the elGordo account. Non prized tickets are if customer request them as a proof of purchase.
  • How are orders sent?
  • If you choose to receive the non prized tickets after the draws, this are sent the week after the last draw of your order is over via certified air mail with signature request.
Orders Payment
  • How can I check the results?
  • After every draw we inform our customers of the results of their bets with an email. You also have this information in your client intranet. And the general results of the draws can be seen in the results zone of the site.
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