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March Special and 28 M in Euromillions

March Special and 28 M in Euromillions
Friday, 15 February 2008
Play now to March Special Draw with 84 M euros to prizes. And a 28 M euros (41 M $) jackpot in Euromillions. With another 22.3 M euros (32.7 M $) jackpot in Primitiva 5/54 + 1 on Sunday.

National Lottery :: 42 M euros to prizes (23rd February, and 1st March) on Saturdays.
Thursday Lottery :: 13 M euros to prizes (21st and 28th February, adn 6th March) on Thursdays.
March Special Day :: 84 M euros to prizes (8 March)

In Spanish National Lottery, every 100 numbers, 35 have some kind of prize.

And Bonoloto (4 draws with daily jackpots), Thursday and Saturday Primitiva (3 M euros each) and last but not least Spanish Quiniela, win with the spanish football league.
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