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Summer elGordo and a short week.

Summer elGordo and a short week.
Friday, 14 March 2008
You can play Summer elGordo. IMPORTANT. In Spain the next week is  the Holy Week, the draws are done as usual, but no bets can be done after Wednesday, so the limit time to play this week is Wednesday 19th until 18:00 CET.


And this week a 15 M euros (23.4 M $) jackpot in Euromillions. With another 5 M euros (7.8 M $) jackpot in Primitiva 5/54 + 1.

National Lottery :: 42 M euros to prizes (22nd and 29th of March) on Saturdays.
Thursday Lottery :: 13 M euros to prizes (20th and 27th of March and 3rd of April) on Thursdays.
Red Cross Special :: 84 M euros to prizes (5th of April)

In Spanish National Lottery, every 100 numbers, 35 have some kind of prize.

And Bonoloto (4 draws with daily jackpots), Thursday and Saturday Primitiva (3 M euros each)  and last but not least Spanish Quiniela, win with the spanish football league.
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