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Last weekend to play elGordo 2009

Last weekend to play elGordo 2009
Friday, 18 December 2009
LAST DAYS to play elGordo 2009 with 2.320 million euros (3.290 million dollars) to prizes. Do you have your tickets? No? Hurry up and get your last ticketsí The draw will be on Tuesday 22 and you will have the results here, as always around 13:30 CET.

And, also elNi˝o 2010 with 840 M euros (1.202 M $) to prizes. Every 100 numbers, 35 have some kind of prize, and 37.812 different prizes.

With a 15 M euros (21.5 M $) Euromillions jackpot next, and another jackpot of 9.2 M euros (13.2 M $) in Primitiva 5/54 + 1.

Thursday Lottery :: 13 M euros to prizes (24th and 31st December and 7th January)
elGordo :: 2320 M euros to prizes
elNino :: 840 M euros to prizes
January Special :: 117.6 M euros to prizes (on next January 16th)

In Spanish National Lottery, every 100 numbers, 35 have some kind of prize.
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