Coronavirus - Quarantine in Spain

Coronavirus - Quarantine in Spain
Sunday, 15 March 2020

Due to the quarantine situation in Spain, caused by Coronavirus, all lottery activities in Spain must be stopped by government order until the crisis is solved.

Unfortunately, to stop the pandemic, and prevent infections, the Spanish government had to stop all lottery activities in Spain.

So, until the crisis is solved:

- No new tickets can be sold in Spain.

- There will be no lottery draws, so no results in Spain.

- All draws are postponed until the crisis is solved.

- All previously purchased national lottery tickets are valid, and your numbers will be drawn. No money is lost, the draws will take place as soon as crisis is over.

- If you played in some of this draws, or have some subscripton, we maintain you informed via email.

- We will keep posting information about the situation evolution.

We hope that the pandemic will be solved as soon as possible, with everyones commitment, in the best way and with the fewest affected people.

Meanwhile, please, follow the authorities instructions, take care, and stay safe.

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