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elGordo 2019
elGordo 20192.380 million euros to prizes. elGordo Christmas 2019 is here.

And on Saturday Summer elGordo results and prizes. Good Luck Ą

And jackpots in Euromillions, Sunday 5/54 + 1 and Spanish 6/49.

Thursday Lottery :: 13 M euros to prizes (every Thursday).
National Lottery :: 42 M euros to prizes (every Saturday with no special draw).
July Special:: 84 M euros to prizes (13 July).
August Special:: 84 M euros to prizes (10 August).
elGordo 2019 :: 2.380 M euros to prizes (22 December).

Finally Daily 6/49 (6 draws with daily jackpots).
Scams advice
If you received a letter or email telling that you have won a huge prize in the spanish lottery continue reading, it is a scam, a lie.
You never have to pay to cash your prizes, are always free of payments and commissions. Do not pay anything.
Lotto jackpots
Tu, 10 Dec 2019 Jackpot: 25,000,000.00 €
Sunday 5/54+1
Su, 08 Dec 2019 Jackpot: 10,300,000.00 €
Spanish 6/49
Sa, 07 Dec 2019 Jackpot: 6,400,000.00 €
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