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National Lottery

What is National Lottery?

National Lottery is an official lottery organized by the spanish goverment, played since year 1763.

In our opinion is the best lottery in the world, for many reasons. We can note:
  1.     Distribuites the 70 % of the emission to prizes. This is the highest percentage of the world. This way the prizes to each ticket (décimo) are very big, and aproximately 35 of every 100 tickets has some kind of prize.
  2.     The philosophy of the game is based in sharing the maximum number of prizes between the players, so each player has lots of opportunities of at least get some kind of prize, and opt for a big prize.
  3.     It is totally guaranteed, because is endorsed by the Spanish Goverment.
  4.     Prizes are paid immediately, in an unique payment.
  5.     Benefits obtained by the spanish government are used for social tasks.

What are the special draws?

Special draws are an special type of National Lottey draw, with a lot of tradition in Spain, so many more people play. As there is a lot of people playing, with 100 tickets per number it is not enough (in all draws numbers range goes from 00.000 to 99.999), so to solve this, more series are printed. This way more tickets ("décimos") are available, so there are more prizes than in a normal draw (more money played).

The most important special draws are (not the only ones):

    elGordo Christmas  View more >>
    elNino  View more >>
    Summer elGordo  View more >>

You can read more information about this draws, that basically are National Lottery Draws, but with higher prizes.

Apart from this 3 huge ones, every month, there is at least other special draw, usually first Saturday of each month.

We are working to explain with more detail the national lottery, images of the draws, history, curiosities.. Stay alert or suscribe to our weekly newsletter and we will advise you.

How can I play National Lottery?

You can play buying a lottery ticket, known in Spain as décimos. On each draw there are numbers between 00.000 and 99.999.

There are draws every Saturday (National Lottery) and Thursday (Thursday Lottery), those latter ones with smaller prizes but cheaper.

Each one of this numbers is divided into series (like blocks), depending on the type of draw.
  •     Saturday draws: 10 series or blocks
  •     Thursday draws : 6 series of blocks

And each of this series is divided into 10 décimos or tickets, that is what you can get in our shop.

So, how many tickets do I have to buy in order to play a complete number for National Lottery (Saturday) ?

10 series * 10 tickets ("décimos") each serie = 100 tickets ("décimos")

With this 100 tickets we would play a complete number of the 100.000 for each draw. Of course, that the prize can be HUGE, and the possibilities very big compared with any other kind of game.