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What is Football Quiniela?

It is a lottery game based on the football matches that plays Spanish teams, usually weekends with the Spanish Football League, but also when possible with European Champions, or Spanish King Cup, or even national country teams.

How is played?

It is based in getting the 15 results of mathces that are in the ticket.

In the first 14 matches there are 3 options, 1-X-2
1 - Wins the home team (first name in ticket)
X - Draw
2 - Wins the visitor team (second name in ticket)

In the match 15, you must predict the score of the match.
0 - Zero goals
1 - One goal
2 - Two goals
M - Three or more goals
For example, if we think that result will be 5-2, we must select M-2

Jackpot is won by getting the 15 results of the ticket.

In case of more than one winner, prize is divided between them in equal parts.

How and when is the draw?

There is no draw, as it is based on football results.

If for any exceptional issue, some match does not take place, this result is replaced for a small draw with 3 balls in Madrid after all games are done.

Which are the prizes?

For prizes is used the 55% of collection.

There are 6 categories with the following distribution of collection amount:
Cat Hits Distribution
Special 14+P 8,50 %
1 14 15,00 %
2 13 7,50 %
3 12 7,50 %
4 11 8,00 %
5 10 9,00 €

Game 15 in the ticket is named Full (to 15). This results is only valid for those that already got the 14 previous results.

Winners of Special category (14+P, named Full 15) also get the prize of first category (14).

If in a draw there are no winners of first category, the money goes to the reserve fund, that is managed by LAE (Loteries and Bets of the Spanish Government).

If with prizes distribution, there is some category that gets less than 1 euro, the full amount of this category goes to the reserve fund.

Reserve fund is set as jackpot (played) when LAE establishes.