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What is Euromillions?

Is a lottery game played every Tuesday and Friday and organized by some countries of Europe since year 2004.

It was created by Spain, Frace and United Kingdom, but then Portugal, Irland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria joined the club.

It has a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 17 million euros.

If there are no first category winners, the prize is added as jackpot for next draw. The jackpot can read up to 195 million euros. If after 2 consecutive draws with maximum jackpot (today in 195 million euros) there are no winners, the prize is distribuited to the second category winners.

How is played?

It is based in selecting 5 numbers in a table of 50 (1 - 50) and other 2 more ones (stars) in a table of 12 (1 - 12).

The jackpot is won by the one that hits 5+2. In case of more than one winner, prize is divided between winners in equal parts.

How and when is the draw?

Every Tuesday and Friday there is draw in Paris to get the winning numbers. Draw is done at 21:15 spanish time.

There are 2 drums, first one with 50 balls (numbers) to get 5, and second one with 12 balls (stars), to get 2 of them.

What is The Million?

The Millon is an associated draw of EuroMillions, done every week, but only in Spain. Every EuroMillions line played in Spain on Tuesdays and Fridays draws, automatically enters into the Friday draw for one million euros extra prize.

What is the Rain of Millions?

It is another draw, also associated with EuroMillions, but in this case for all Europe. It is done two Fridays per year, and among all the lines done for that Friday draw, 25 ones are chosen among all Europe, and those ones have an extra prize of one million euros.

Which are the prizes?

For prizes is used the 50% of collection.

There are 13 categories with the following distribution for prizes:

Cat Hits Distribution
01 5 + 2 43,20 % - 27,00 %
02 5 + 1 3,95 %
03 5 + 0 0,92 %
04 4 + 2 0,45 %
05 4 + 1 0,48 %
06 3 + 2 0,67 %
07 4 + 0 0,38 %
08 2 + 2 1,75 %
09 3 + 1 1,85 %
10 3 + 0 3,50 %
11 1 + 2 4,95 %
12 2 + 1 14,85 %
13 2 + 0 18,25 %
  Reserve fund: 4,80 % - 21,00 %

If there are no first category winners in a draw, money goes to the reserve fund, managed by the Commercialization Comitte of Lotery Operators, and composed by the countries that organize the game.

If there is no winner in a different category than first one, money of this prize goes to the next one

The reservation fund is used to guarantee the minimum jackpot of 17 million euros.

If in a draw there are no winners of first category, the money goes to the reservation fund, that it is controled by the Lottery Operators committee. If there were no winner in some other category differt than the first one, the money of the prize will go to the next category for this draw.

It is created a unique fund with the sales amount used for prizes of all the countries, all prizes are paid with this fund. All prizes of all categories in every country are the same (always valued in euros).