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What is Spanish 6/49?

Is a lottery game played every Thursday and Saturday in Spain since year 1985.

There is no minimum guaranteed jackpot, but it can be estimated in 2.5 million euros.

If there are no first category winners, the prize is added as jackpot for next draw. The jackpot increases with no limits.

Maximum prize of a jackpot paid until today has been 67 million euros.

How is played?

It is based in getting 6 numbers from a table of 49 (1 - 49) and other one (R) from 0 to 9, automatically generated when bet is validated.

The jackpot is won by the one that gets 6+R. In case of more than one winner, prize is divided between them in equal parts.

How and when is the draw?

Every Thursday and Saturday there is draw in Madrid at 21:30 spanish time.

There are 2 drums, first one with 49 balls (numbers) to get 7 balls, first 6 for the main combination, and other one the 7th for the 5+C category, and second drum with 10 balls (R), to get 1 of them.

Which are the prizes?

For prizes is used the 55% of collection.

There are 7 categories with the following distribution of amount set for prizes.
Cat Hits Distribution
Special 6 + R 20,00 %
1 6 40,00 %
2 5 + C 6,00%
3 5 13,00 %
4 4 21,00 %
5 3 8,00 €
6 R 1,00 €

Winners of special category (6+R) also get added the prize of first category (6).

If in a draw there are no winners of first category, the money goes to the reserve fund, that is managed by LAE (Loteries and Bets of the Spanish Government). After this the jackpot for next draw is set.

If there were no winner in some other category differt than the first one, the money of the prize would go to the next category for this draw.