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EuroMillions Results

Friday, 03 February 2023
Category Winners Prize
5+2 0 0.00 €
5+1 7 200,626.33 €
5+0 30 10,940.93 €
4+2 97 1,053.97 €
4+1 1,623 116.04 €
3+2 3,561 55.91 €
4+0 4,033 34.69 €
2+2 49,800 14.05 €
3+1 68,391 11.41 €
3+0 159,540 9.11 €
1+2 261,401 6.73 €
2+1 969,875 5.71 €
2+0 2,249,589 3.97 €
The Million in Spain: MGC 15773
Million rain: A MDK 11832B NCB 05332B NCH 41130B NDB 78859B NDK 93982B NDX 51433B NFH 28768E BBB 78253E BBB 90909E BBG 04302E BBJ 35559E BBJ 37625E BBL 14679E BBX 31108E BBX 76080E BBZ 08058E BBZ 12903E BCM 25219E BCW 45960E BDJ 61000E BDQ 56709E BDW 87292E BFJ 08175E BFM 34831F BZT 94515F CML 21693F CMN 51796F CXG 67833F DDH 55659F DTM 35909F FHH 93009F FVZ 36692F FWC 29113F GJD 05394F HPZ 43160F LHQ 26491F LKT 11445F NLT 01414F NQW 38044F NXG 68102F PVL 38712F QHQ 41129F QQT 17993F RBK 82158F RZV 25376F SGQ 57281F TJN 25674F TVF 64785F VTG 10597H GHR 94826H GHT 74423I NTZ 21276I NVD 35065I NVF 65558J FGZ 13141J FHD 07976J GHM 64419J GHT 17331J GHW 68331J GHW 95763J GJC 18719M FHF 58226M GHP 03745M GHQ 51755M GHW 63274O GHW 46300O LKX 09020P BFF 00676P BFR 16971P BHS 37662P BJG 05934P BKK 14253P BLD 03754P BLR 06967P BNB 35077P BQF 20128P BQL 05351P BRD 24811R LSF 88972S BBZ 19730S BCJ 24768S BCN 33015T FGZ 38214V GHJ 21088V GHQ 07766V GHX 17537V GHX 98305W XRR 87900X FHF 13164X GHJ 98325X GHK 29974X GHR 29219X GHS 15058X GHT 17227X GHX 51373X GHZ 95924Z FGX 28998Z GHK 95993Z GHQ 90252Z GHZ 98751
107,615,657.60 €
17,000,000.00 €
Next jackpot
36,000,000.00 €