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Games Subscriptions
  • What is a subscription?
  • You can play to more than one draw the same numbers simply selecting the number of weeks you want to play this bet.
  • In which games can I make subscriptions?
  • You can subscribe up to 6 weeks for EuroMillions, Sunday 5/54 + 1, Saturday and Thursday 6/49 and Daily 6/49. It is not possible in National Lottery (if you want this contact us) or Spanish Football (because teams are different every week).
  • What is the advantage of subscriptions?
  • You play every week, and there is no possibility fo forget it. After every draw you will receive the results and prizes will be in your account.
  • What is a bulletin?
  • You can receive weekly information of results, jackpots and events of Spanish National Lottery in your email, when you register with as an apply for this bulletin. When you wish you can cancel the bulletin suscription, of course.
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