Coronavirus - Reopening date

Coronavirus - Reopening date
Sunday, 10 May 2020
CONFIRMED REOPENING We will be back on Monday, May 18. Lottery in Spain is reactivated today. More information in a moment.

UPDATE The reopening of lottery operations is scheduled for next Monday, May 18, if the favorable evolution of the pandemic in Spain continues.

Fortunately, it seems that the situation caused by the cororonavirus is getting better in Spain, and in half of the country part of the shops have reopened with extraordinary security measures, therefore the return of the lottery is already being considered.

However, depending on the security parameters of the authorities, some of the most populated areas of the country, such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​still do not meet the conditions for this reopening, due to health risks.

The lottery will start again as soon as most of the shops in these areas can be operational again, presumably starting next weekend. If the lottery started again now, a big part of the population would not be able to play in the draws.

We will have the confirmation next Sunday, May 17, and of course, we will continue informing.

Meanwhile, please, follow the authorities instructions, take care, and stay safe.
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